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Create a store

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STORAT has two fields for all data.
Build an online store with English and Arabic support
Automatic translation in Arabic
What can you build with Storat?
Your online store on Storat
  • Online store for a retail shop

    Electronics shops, computer stores, furniture shops, or any retail store that wants to bring his\her business online.

  • Property agents, developers, and landlords

    If you are selling or renting a property as a developer, agent, or a landloard.

  • Car dealers and agencies

    Car dealers, used and new, or for individuals selling their cars.

  • Services business

    IT Services, business services, household services, or any service you can provide.

  • Anything else you want to sell or tell

    You can use Storat to simply build a freelancer page or a blog website and connect it to your domain to tell the world about your story.

Your online store on Storat
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